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Priority Buildings

Below are the buildings which have been prioritised for grant support from the Lurgan Townscape Heritage (Lurgan TH) scheme. A short report providing information on the building condition, planning history and possible eligible works is included with each. The projected grant aid for each building is based on the observations which were made in 2017 during a survey conducted by an experienced firm of conservation architects. In many cases access to the interior of the buildings was not possible at the time of the survey, and therefore the eligible works identified in the reports should only be regarded as a guide as to the types of works that can or could be carried out.

The amount of grant aid awarded to a project will depend on the content of the restoration plans, adherence to the conditions Lurgan TH and The National Lottery Heritage Fund and the amount of capital left in the Lurgan TH common fund. No grant funding will be issued until a letter of offer is signed and accepted by the applicant. In addition to these priority buildings, a further 27 reserve buildings have been identified, whose owners and tenants may be invited to apply for grant support in the future if uptake from the priority projects is not as high as expected. A list of the eligible reserve properties can be viewed here: Lurgan THI Reserve Properties pdf..