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Capital Grants

Who is eligible for funding?

The Lurgan Townscape Heritage (Lurgan TH) scheme focuses on properties located within the Lurgan Conservation Area, which mostly comprises the town centre encompassing Church Place, Market Street, High Street and portions of William Street, North Street and Union Street.

In 2017 an experienced firm of conservation architects were appointed to independently survey and assess all 260 buildings within the Conservation Area against criteria agreed by the Lurgan TH and The National Lottery Heritage Fund.  Based on this survey:

  • 25 buildings have been prioritised for grant support from the Lurgan TH in the first instance based on their architectural significance, level of need, vacancy and prominence within the Conservation Area (for details please see Priority Buildings).
  • A further 27 reserve buildings have been identified, whose owners and tenants may be invited to apply for grant support in the future if uptake from the priority projects is not as high as expected (for details please see Reserve Buildings).

Owners or tenants (with a minimum of a 10 year lease) of these eligible properties can apply for grant aid towards works on their properties.

Grant rates

Building work eligible for funding could include one or a combination of the following grant headings depending on the scale of work. The maximum % grant available is in brackets:

  • Repair works (70%)
  • Reinstatement of architectural details (80%)
  • Bringing vacant floorspace back into use (60%)
  • Gap site (30%)
  • External works (60%)
  • Professional and Statutory fees (64%)
  • VAT (at 10% average) (66%)

All proposed work must be in accordance with the current best practice in historic building conservation and comply with the Lurgan Conservation Area Management Plan (available on request); the Lurgan Conservation Area Designation (click here to download) and Lurgan Conservation Area Design Guidance (click here to download).

It is recommended that a property owner should employ either a qualified Chartered Architect (RIBA or ARB) or Chartered Building Surveyor (RICS) who have specialist experience in conservation work.

Grant aid assessment

Applications for grant aid will be assessed on a property-by-property basis, and against the following criteria:

  • Extent to which proposals meet full criteria as set out in the Guide to Eligible Works
  • Priority rating of the building within the scheme
  • The conservation and townscape merit of the building, and the extent to which the proposals will enhance this
  • The heritage need and vulnerability of the building
  • The appropriateness of the proposals and specification in relation to conservation standards
  • The extent to which architectural details will be reinstated
  • The cost of the project and that it is considered to provide value for money
  • Whether appropriately qualified and experienced professional advisors and contractors are employed

How to Apply

Potential applicants should contact the Lurgan TH Project Manager in the first instance to discuss the application and assessment process.