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7 December Lurgan Lecture: Digging Deeper into Kilmocholmóg

7 December Lurgan Lecture: Digging Deeper into Kilmocholmóg

The Lurgan Lectures: ‘Digging Deeper into Kilmocholmóg ’

Date: Wednesday 7 December 2022

Time: 7.30pm to 9.00pm

Venue: Grace Hall, 59 Cottage Road, Dollingstown, BT67 9ND

Admission: Free

Join us for this special evening at Grace Hall, where archaeologists Katy McMonagle and Stuart Alexander of the Northern Archaeological Consultancy will reveal the results of our community excavation of Kilmocholmóg field which took place in August.

According to local tradition Kilmocholmóg, located off the Kilmore Road, was said to be the site of an ancient church and graveyard, which was in use until the mid-19th century. The excavation aimed to find out if there was any archaeological evidence to back up the tradition. As it turned out the excavation revealed evidence of an early medieval settlement (AD 400-800) and much more…

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