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22-26 August Community Archaeology Dig

22-26 August Community Archaeology Dig

Community Archaeology Dig of Kilmocholmóg field

Dates: 22-26 August 2022

Venue: Kilmocholmóg field, Kilmore Road, Lurgan, BT67 9LW

As follow up to our DfC:Historic Environment Division funded Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Surveys, we carried out a community archaeological dig of Kilmocholmóg field to ascertain the nature of a stone feature which was identified in the GPR survey.

The community dig, facilitated by the archaeologists of the Northern Archaeological Consultancy revealed evidence of an early medieval settlement, dating to between AD 400-1100, with evidence of a roundhouse and a souterrain (our mysterious stone feature) uncovered. In addition the eagle eyed volunteers recovered a total of 156 artefacts as well! As yet we don’t know the extent and nature of the settlement, with further investigation required; however all being well we plan to return next year to Kilmocholmóg to dig a bit deeper!

The dig attracted great interest with even the BBC coming down to cover it:


While local news company Your Lurgan also paid a visit: