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Mapping Lurgan School Workshops

Mapping Lurgan School Workshops

In May and June pupils at Dickson Primary School and Lurgan Model Primary School explored Lurgan through the lens of mapping in sessions facilitated by artist Robert Peters.

In the sessions the pupils learned about different types  of maps, and how they can be used to display any pictorial information, not just geographical representations.  To demonstrate this, the pupils were asked to break down how they spent a typical day into 24 hours. They were then tasked with creating a colour key to represent each part of the day which was then transferred onto  squared paper, allowing the pupils to create a map of their day.

The pupils also explored map symbols and were challenged to create their own maps of Lurgan, and to design their own accompanying symbols which showed where they liked to eat, play and do sports.

Throughout the sessions discussions were held with the pupils to assess their attitudes to Lurgan with their feedback recorded in questionnaires.