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Hedge Laying Workshops – Oxford Island

Hedge Laying Workshops – Oxford Island

Between September and October we teamed up with the Craigavon Historical Society and the ABC Council’s Conservation Service to organise the delivery of three hedgelaying workshops at Kane’s Farm, on the outskirts of Lurgan, near Oxford Island.

While much of the Lurgan Townscape Heritage Scheme’s work is focused on the Lurgan town centre, much of the linen manufacture on which the town’s economy was built took place in the farms located in the rural hinterland. The small patchwork of fields were marked with native hedges. These hedges have been in place for over 200 years but they need to be cared for and rejuvenated every 40 years to provide the best habitat for wildlife and a stock proof barrier for cattle.

The hedgelaying workshops were facilitated by Clive Lyttle of Wellig Heritage Crafts, who is also a director of Hedgerows Ireland.  30+ metres of hedging were restored by volunteers who joined us from all over Ireland across the three days. Great job everybody!

These events were held as part of the Craigavon Historical Society’s ‘Rediscovering Sacred Landscapes’ project, funded by The National Lottery Heritage Fund.


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